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Why Choose Longhorn?

Longhorn Cattle

The first and most obvious reason to choose longhorn as your beef of choice is because it is 100% Texan. The Longhorn breed was established in Texas, and our Longhorns were born in raised in Texas...for Texans.  The simple truth is...True Texans Eat Longhorns.

Other than our overly proud vision of Texans and Texas Longhorns, their are many other reasons to choose the Longhorn as your Beef of Choice. Here are a few Highlights:

  • Less than Half the Fat of Store Bought Beef
  • Less than Half the Saturated Fat of Store Bought Beef
  • 95% Lean Meat
  • Lower Calorie Content
  • Lower Cholesterol Content
  • 100% Natural
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones
  • ...And it tastes Great!

So if you want a Great Tasting Texas Product that is Better for You than Store Bought...

Our Texas Longhorns are for you!


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